The UBS Tactical Multi Asset Index ("Index") tracks the performance of a dynamic mix of exchange-traded funds ("ETFs") that provide exposure to four distinct asset classes: equities, fixed income (credit and US treasuries), commodities and real estate. Allocations to the particular ETFs are periodically adjusted using a predetermined set of rules that seek a mix of ETFs that, using recent historical returns, would have generally resulted in the highest ratio of return to risk, where risk is measured by the variability of returns ("volatility") over a recent historical period. The rules also seek to stabilize the risk of the index by targeting an annualized volatility of 6%, which is done by setting a level of exposure to the ETFs that would have resulted in a historical volatility of 6% over a recent period.

Key characteristics

Bloomberg Ticker CSEATMA6 <Index>
Category Dynamic Asset Allocation
Return Type Excess Return (it reflects the return of components net of the cost of funding)
Currency USD
Live Date August 25, 2014
Index Fees None
Asset Class Global Multi-Asset

Please refer to the Selected risk considerations for additional information on the Index.